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Leann Hitchcock, “Big Sur,” at The New Antiquarians, Chambers Gallery

The incomparable Roger Ballen shows at Quality Pictures, with nine(!) new images making their US debut.
Quality Pictures Fine Art, 916 NW Hoyt, Tues-Sat, through June 28.

The New Antiquarians spotlights five contemporary photographers who employ archaic technologies in their work. (Sadly, the curator failed to include any Polaroids.)
Chambers Fine Art, 205 SW Pine, Wed-Sat, through May 24.

Blue Sky breaks out of their 2-D mold with a show by Stephen Berkman, who shares my fascination with pre-photographic history, lens-based vision, and camera obscuras.
Blue Sky Gallery, 122 NW 8th, Tues-Sat, through May 31.

The Portland Art Museum still has their recent photo acquisitions hanging at New on the Wall. Read my less-than-generous review from the Portland Mercury here. All grouchiness aside (however legitimate), there are some nice treasures to be found.
Portland Art Museum, 1216 SW Park, Tues-Sun, through June 15.

Chris Bennett, founder and executive director of the Newspace Center for Photography (and all-around swell guy), somehow finds the time to continue making photographs on top of running an ever-growing nonprofit art center. Not only is he in The New Antiquarians at Chambers this month, but a solo show of his lonely, sepia-tones are on view at Pushdot this month.
Pushdot Studio, 1021 SE Caruthers, Mon-Fri, through May 30.

Charles A. Hartman Fine Art presents the US debut of Japanese photographer Kazuumi Takahashi, whose High Tide Wane Moon was recently published by Nazraeli. Like many of the projects Nazraeli takes on, it looks a little too precious and serene for me, but I’ll have to see how the photographer’s “profound relationship with the rhythms of the ocean in concert with the cycles of the moon” plays in real life when I actually see the show.
Charles A. Hartman, 134 NW 8th, Tues-Sat, through June 21.


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