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Please join me this Saturday for “Before there was Ballen” and a light brunch at Quality Pictures Contemporary Art. In conjunction with the closing of Roger Ballen: Photographs, I will talk about the artist’s work and show that, although Ballen’s photographs look like nothing else being exhibited today, they spring from a myriad of traditions that can be traced back to the dawn of photography.
Quality Pictures Contemporary Art, 916 NW Hoyt, Sat June 28, 10 am, free

Anon, c. 1850

August Sander, Dwarfs, 1912

Diane Arbus, “Identical Twins, Roselle, NJ,” 1967

Shelby Lee Adams, “The Rambo Boys,” 1987

Roger Ballen, “Twins, Western Transvaal,” 1993


  1. Scary twins!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I have been teaching a class on Shelby Lee Adams’ True Meaning of Pictures documentary for several years now, and I just got in contact with him for the first time recently. I was getting very excited to attend this discussion and then saw that this is from last year! What an interesting topic…would have loved to have been there. I now want to know more about Ballen.

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