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Roger Fenton, “The Queen’s Target,” 1860, albumen silver print

Thank you to everybody who came to “Before there was Ballen” yesterday at Quality Pictures. I was thrilled to have such a great turnout and a provocative discussion about Roger’s work at the end of the presentation. Extra thanks to Erik Schneider at Quality Pictures for hosting the event and supporting challenging photography, as well as the ideas that surround it.

You can read two very kind writeups of the talk here and here. And to answer the question put forth in Carlisle’s summary: Yes, there are plans to publish BtwB, and that’ll be announced here when the time comes. (Thank you for asking!) In the meantime, I think That’s a Negative will take a well-deserved Ballen Break™ in order to focus on some of the other amazing photography out there that’s calling my name. Regularly scheduled blogging will resume momentarily.



  1. One correction, it is Carlile not Carlisle, it is a common mistake. I’ve seen it written: Carlisle, Carlyle, Carlysle, Carlyll,…

  2. Oh, man, isn’t “The Queen’s Target” just one of the greatest photographs? Every time I see it I wonder what must have gone through Fenton’s mind that made the possibility of that image jump out at him and make him want to make the picture.

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