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Fred Muram, “Re-Conjoined Twins,” 2006 (Fred Muram and Mike Simi of Fire Retard Ants)

On the topic of passing out thank-yous, I have endless gratitude for the incoming links and nice things that have been said about That’s a Negative online and in emails. (I’ll write back soon, I promise!) This was especially cool: Regina Hackett at the Seattle P-I compiled her top ten eleven photo blogs last week, and That’s a Negative was first up to the plate! Zoe Strauss, I Heart Photograph, Fire Retard Ants (by Seattle artists Mike Simi and Fred Muram) all make the list, as does Alec Soth, which is totally cheating.

That’s a Negative doesn’t have a blogroll because when I tried compiling one, it looked like every single blogroll on every single blog I visited. So on the occasion of Hackett’s Top Ten Eleven List, here’s mine, in alphabetical order:

1000 Words
Lens Culture
No Caption Needed
Notes on Politics, Theory, & Photography
Page 291
Shane Lavalette
State of the Art
We Can’t Paint

Honorable mentions to everyone on my Google reader, and special lifetime achievement award to (duh) Conscientious.


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  1. Thanks for the inclusion!

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