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Christopher Rauschenberg, “The Fish House,” from One Handed, Left, 2008

Regina Hackett recently interviewed Portland’s Christopher Rauschenberg about his father’s passing, and asked a lot of questions that I’ve always been curious about.

Were you impressed with his friends when you were growing up?

I wish I’d been more impressed. I remember one time I stopped by his place after school and he asked me to stay for dinner. Cartier-Bresson was coming. I said I couldn’t. I had homework.

Chris has also added a small new series of photographs to his website, taken at his father’s memorial service. These are pretty tough; I know I couldn’t have done it.

In his last years, my father wasn’t able to use his right hand to photograph and he couldn’t figure out how to shoot one-handed with his left hand. As we sprinkled his ashes from his original beach house along the jungle road past the studio to the fish house, I took some one-handed, left-handed tree portraits for him.

Chris has a show in Portland at the Heathman (1001 SW Broadway) through Aug 16.
Robert Rauschenberg’s “Lotus Series” in on view at Blue Sky (122 NW 8th) through Aug 3.


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